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It incorporates an infrared sensor with a movement speed of 80 ips and a 3,500 dpi precision.

Greater reliability and skill in all movements so that your gaming experience reaches a higher level.

Ergonomic design

The BLITZ ergonomic design is intended to fully adapt to the shape of your hand which, together with the incorporated infrared sensor, will provide you with exceptional gaming experience.

The surface is adherent so that, in addition to fully adapting to the shape of your hand, it will not move during rapid movement and will enable you to be extremely precise in all your movements.

The base cushions are low friction and provide the equivalent of 250 kilometres of smooth natural movement.

Ultra-precise infrared sensor

It incorporates a professional infrared sensor with a precision of 3,500 dpi and a movement speed of 80 ips.

It provides greater reliability and skill in all movements so that your gaming experience reaches a higher level.

It is fitted with an on-the-fly adjustable sensitivity system within the range of 1,000 to 3,500 dpi while playing.

Buttons with OMRON technology

The buttons incorporate OMRON technology that will last for more than ten million presses.

In addition, to the long lifetime of this technology, the response speed to button presses will increase.

The lateral button positions allow for faster use that is more comfortable in the most demanding situations and all mouse parameters are software configurable.

Seven buttons that are configurable via the BLITZ software.

The software required to configure all mouse parameters can be downloaded from this Web page.

This software provides you with the option to configure the seven buttons, together with the actions you require with the displacement wheel.

The software also allows access to a manual with full information on all options provided by BLITZ.


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